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Our Founder

Hey 👋 My name's Nat! I'm the founder of Thrive Virtual Assistance. I was always that lemonade stand kid growing up, starting businesses that helped fill needs.


We've come a long way from filling the need of hot and thirsty people on a summer day, but our latest lemonade stand is Thrive. When I'm not working to help the world work better together you can find me on the beach or in the water trying to stay afloat kiteboarding 🏄‍♂️. 

Our Story

Thrive was born in 2015 on a mission to help the world work better together and build the largest network of top talent across the globe. After utilizing top tier talent around the world to scale previous companies at a fraction of the cost, word got out to other local businesses and before we knew it we had a line of entrepreneurs asking to help them find this talent. We realized the need was real and that we could significantly impact the success of other companies by helping them find the right people.


We quickly scaled to building out a network of hundreds of the world's most talented and hardest working people that make real impact in businesses and move the world forward. We can proudly say we've made a significant difference in the success of many companies and hundreds of peoples lives around the world, and can't wait to help you do the same. 

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