Welcome to Thrive VA! We are so happy to have you on our Team!

Please review and complete the steps below to finish your onboarding.

  Step 1: Check your personal email.  

 Check your personal email for an email from google with your new work email and activate it. Then, log into your work email and complete the contractor agreement and  w-8 form, and activate your Hubstaff account.

  Step 2: Download the Hubstaff desktop app and login.  

You can download the Hubstaff desktop app here: 
Hubstaff is the time tracking and screen monitoring tool that we use to manage our team as well as verify time worked. Please watch this short video below showing how it works and be sure to run the hubstaff time tracking app on your desktop anytime we are working.


  Step 3: Enter Your Payment Details.  

 Payment Info

Thanks for submitting!

  Step 4: Get familiar with the script

While you are waiting to start, the best thing you can do to get ahead and make sure your first day is a boom, is get familiar with the script. Practice the script out loud and make sure you sound great and natural with the script, so that from your very first call you can sound your best.



Contact us via Skype.